Album: Where Oceans Begin (2012)


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6 Days Of Justice

one quarter Congolese, a quarter Russian, a pinch Kalken and 2 additional spices. That's the recipe for brutal violence from Kortrijk.
6days of justice is a 5-piece metalcore band from the H8000 scene where bands like "liar" and "congress" come from. The band was started in the summer of 2007, where ,after a few months of existence, they released their first EP "the liar and the traitor ". after a year halt, the men returned with a bomb of an album (2012) called "Where oceans begin".
get carried away by the "warground" of riffs, breakdowns and singalongs.

The band is

Vocals: Dieter Vanhede

Guitar: Jeffrey Vandamme

Guitar: Leander Vandereecken

Bas: Alexander Baert

Drums: Thomas Tack